Co-wheels was set up to develop and run car clubs and they do this in areas where individuals and organisations are committed to ‘kicking the car habit’. They see their role as delivering the ‘nuts and bolts’ of car club operations on behalf of communities and not just in places where they can make the most money.
As a Social Enterprise and therefore not motivated by profit but by social and environmental factors, any profits they make are returned into the company to allow them to grow and provide this service to other communities.

They have three cars available in Swindon; one on Wellington Street, outside the train station, another on Princes Street, outside the Council Offices and one on Prospect Place Car Park, outside the BBC radio building.
They are also running a special offer at present for any member of Community First; free membership and £20 driving credit to anyone who wants to become a Co-wheels member – all people have to do is write WSCT when applying at

For further information about the scheme in general, telephone 0845 602 8030 or email



Community Transport
Tel: 01380 732816/17 or 01380 732824