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Holt Community Bus

Holt Community Bus


Bookings Contact number: (01225) 783092 Bookings Secretary, David Hogg Email: Bookings

General enquiries Email: HCB Secretary Ray Packham  


General Description

Registered Charity 1167304

In 1996, Help the Aged gave the village of Holt a new Peugeot 15-seater minibus, with wheelchair lift, in memory of Mrs Ruby Beaven, who had left them a substantial bequest.

A Committee was established to run this facility which is now used by many local organisations: pre-school groups, Firlawn Nursing Home, primary schools, youth clubs, walking groups, Holt Morris, Holt Bowls Club, other bus groups, Churches, and the HCB Excursions Group. Plus a weekly bus service to and from the Village Hall to service the Wednesday Luncheon Club and to Chippenham on Fridays.

The current 17-seater Peugeot Boxer minibus is the fifth vehicle to have been operated by the group.

The committee is supported by a happy band of volunteer drivers and passenger assistants who undergo regular training to ensure their skills are more than sufficient to provide a safe and comfortable service: some of whom can be seen in the accompanying photograph enjoying one of their recent training events.


Pre-bookable services (e.g. shopper bus services) 

No services offered – if you would like to make a comment about the fact there are no Scheduled public transport services offered here please follow this link

Scheduled public transport services

Friday Service to Chippenham

Adult single fares- £1 for up to 2 stages, £2 for 3 to 5 stages, £3 for more than 5 stages in either direction.

Bus Passess Accepted



Stop Outbound Return
Holt- 3 Lions 09:30 13:20
Holt- Station Road 09:32 13:18
Broughton Gifford-Fox 09:36 13:14
Atworth -The Clock 09:44 13:06
Atworth- Purlpit 09:46 13:04
Whitley - Pear Tree 09:47 13:03
Whitley - First Lane 09:48 13:02
Whitley - Corsham Road 09:49 13:01
Gastard - Harp& Crown 09:53 12:57
Corsham- Ludmead 09:56 12:54
Corsham-Broadmead 09:57 12:53
Corsham-Dicketts Road 10:00 12:50
Neston 10:01 12:49
Westwells 10:04 12:46
Corsham – Potley Lane 10:06 12:44
Corsham- Freestone Way 10:11 12:39
Corsham- Park Lane 10:12 12:38
Corsham-Pickwick Road 10:13 12:37
Corsham- Newlands Road 10:15 12:35
Whitehall Garden Centre 10:20 12:30
Chippenham Hospital 10:25 12:25
Chippenham Bus Station 10:30 12:20


Wednesday – to Holt Luncheon Club (see details below)

Who can be carried? Anyone

Are these services door to door? Yes

Which areas are served? See current timetable below for details which can be changed to accommodate new passengers 

Wheelchair access? Yes by prior arrangement, as seats need to be removed and ramp installed 

Cost: 50p single /£1 return for all passengers

Are bus passes accepted? Yes

Timetable: Please contact (01225) 783092 for more information and if you would like to be included 




Village Hall Car Park

11:30 am

1:40 pm

Leigh     Road

11:37 am

1:47 pm

The Elms

11:40 am

1:50 pm


11:43 am

1:53 pm

The Common

11:45 am

1:55 pm

Little Parks

11:50 am

2:00 pm

Great Parks

11:55 am

2:05 pm

The Gravel

12:00 pm

2:10 pm

Bradley Lane

12:05 pm


Village Hall Car Park

12:08 pm

2:18 pm

Trips/days out

Excursions offered regularly to a wide variety of interesting locations are advertised in the Holt Village Magazine.

Anyone from Holt and the surrounding area can also book an excursion on our 16 passenger wheelchair accessible minibus.

Costs vary depending on the excursion (although prices will not exceed the advertised price) but Bus Passes cannot be accepted.

Bletchley Park was a recent destination which proved to be a cracking day out!

Group transport services – with driver

Private hirers wishing to use the Holt Community Bus are usually expected to find their own driver. If a driver is required, one of our volunteer drivers may be available but this cannot be guaranteed. Holt Community Bus does run excursions which include the services of a driver.

(see Trips/days out for more information)

If you would like to make a comment about this please follow this link

Group transport services – self drive

Vehicle available / seats: Peugeot Boxer minibus (wheelchair accessible) / 16 passenger seats. Can accommodate 2 wheelchairs + 5 other passengers.

Type of groups that can be carried:

Local affiliated community groups and individuals.


Geographical area bookings accepted from:…

Read more: Holt Community Bus


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