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The Combine Community Bus


bus new logoContact number: (01380) 840302

Contact: Alan Coggins


Website: N/A

General Description

We are a community bus which is run by our community for the benefit of our community and offer both regular services and group hire.

We have been operating since January 1991 originally serving the villages of Beechingstoke, Chirton, Marden & Patney, in July 2005 we added the villages of Alton Barnes, Bottlesford, Hilcott, Honeystreet, Manningford Bruce & Woodbrough and now pick up passengers from all these villages.

We currently operate an extra long wheelbase Citroen Relay which has 14 seats and has disabled access via a ramp at the back of the bus. We can carry 1 passenger in a wheelchair (securely fastened to tracking in the vehicle) when this happens the capacity is reduced to 11 passengers including the wheelchair occupant.

Pre-bookable services (e.g. shopper bus services)

  • Every Friday – to Devizes (supermarkets, doctors etc.)
  • Second and fourth Tuesday in the month - to Salisbury (centre)
  • Third Wednesday in the month - to Marlborough Service

All these services are dial a ride call Alan Coggins (01380) 840302 to book your seat. Last reservations accepted by 7pm night before departure.

Who can be carried: Residents from villages (see areas served for more details)

Are these services door to door? Yes

Which areas are served?

 Alton Barnes Beechingstoke, Bottlesford, Chirton, Hilcott, Honeystreet, Manningford Bruce, Marden, Patney & Woodbrough.

 Wheelchair access: Yes

 Cost: £1.60 RTN for Devizes service, £3 RTN for Salisbury service & £2.50 RTN for Marlborough.

 Bus Passes accepted: Yes,

 Timetable: Devizes service – pick ups begin at 9.50am from Wiltshire Yeoman Chirton and service departs Devizes at 12 noon.

Salisbury service - pick ups begin at 9.20am from Wiltshire Yeoman and service departs Salisbury at 1.45pm.

Marlborough - pick ups begin at 9.30am from the Wiltshire Yeoman and service departd Marlborough 12.30 pm

Scheduled public transport services

No services offered – if you would like to make a comment about the fact there are no Scheduled public transport services offered here please follow this link

Trips/days out

 Every 1st Tuesday from May to October there is a mystery trip and from November to April there is a luncheon trip, prices vary according to destination and number of passengers.If you want to get out of the house meet up for a gossip and be taken to interesting places then why not join us. Contact  Alan Coggins 01380 840302

Group transport services – with driver

Vehicle available / seats: Citroen Relay (wheelchair accessible) / 14 passenger seats, when carrying a passenger in a wheelchair we can only carry 11 passengers i.e. 1 passenger in wheelchair & 10 seated.

Type of groups that can be carried: Not-for-profit community groups and charities involved with either education, recreation, religion, social welfare or other activities of benefit to the community. Groups need to become members of The Combine Community Busdocmembership form available here15.5 KB and need to abide by appropriate Terms and Conditions docTerms & conditions68.5 KB.

Geographical area bookings accepted from: Former Kennet District area

Cost: 60p per mile. This price includes insurance and diesel no hidden extras!

We are always looking for new voluntary drivers to help both with our regular services and group transport, If you interested and are aged 25 - 70 years,  had no traffic accidents in previous 3 years, no convictions in last 5 years or driving bans in the last 5 years please call Alan Coggins (01380) 840302. All drivers are  required to undertake an induction & assessment session before being allowed to drive the bus Please note that you do not need  a D1 (1 or 101) (or D1 (79 NFHR) / D1 (120)) driving licence entitlement to drive our bus

Group transport services – self drive

We do not offer a self drive hire service as all drivers must be from our driver's register



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